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Daybreak” is a poem written in rhyming couplets, continuing for nine lines by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  who was an American writer from nineteenth century well known for lyric poem. A few of his famous work are Voices of the night, Ballads and other poems, The songs of Hiawatha

Daybreak Question Answer | Daybreak

The poem is taken from Birds of passage” published in 1858 . Longfellow traces the journey of the wind as it passes over land and ocean, ushering in fresh lovely activities with daybreak.

Daybreak Question Answer

  This poem is includes in the syllabus of W. B. C. H. S. E.  in class 11 . So here we discuss about some broad question answer from this poem. 

Give the substance of the poem “Daybreak”.
Give the central idea of the poem “Daybreak” 
Introduce Longfellow as a poet of nature. 
What role does the wind play in “Daybreak” . 
How does Longfellow personify the wind in ” Daybreak ” 
Significance of the title of the poem ” Daybreak “.

Ans –  The poem “Daybreak” is taken from The birds of passage written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow published in 1858 . This poem is written in Nine rhymed couplets. 

  H. W. Longfellow’s “Daybreak” finally deals with how a wind rises out of the sea, crosses on to land and announces the advent of a new day. With the use of personification, Longfellow shows how as an alarm clock the wind urges  “The mists” to make room for its free movement and the mariner to start sailing on again. Then the wind asks the forest : 

  ” ……… Shout 

Hang all you leafy banners out!” 

   Thus one by one the wind wakes up the wood – bird, the belfry – tower and the others. 

   In the concluding lines, as we have seen, the same wind is something different in taking an important role in starting a new day for the world. The wind, here crosses the churchyard and sigh for “those who are no more with us” and asks them to lie quietly in eternal slumber. 

What are the literary devices used by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow in the poem “Daybreak”.

Ans – The poem “Daybreak” is taken from “The birds of passage” written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow published in 1858 . This poem is written in Nine rhymed couplets. This poem is a fine example of the poet’s artistic and literary creation. 

  Here the poet uses some literary devices, personification, sounds, rhythm and rhyme to sustain his poetic style and creativity. In the poem, the wind personified as messenger of the new hope for the morbid world, comes as an alarm clock and personifies  ‘mists’, ‘the ships’, ‘the forest’, ‘the fields of corn’, ‘the belfry tower’, ‘the churchyard’.

 The sound devices used by the poet – include  ‘shout’, ‘sing’,  ‘clarion’,  ‘proclaim’. Written in nine couplets, the poem expresses a lucid style. Each of the couplets ends with a sweet rhyme – ‘sea – me’ ( a-a)’ on – gone’ ( b- b),  ‘away – day’ ( c – c),  ‘shout – out’ (d – d), ‘wing – sing’ ( e – e), ‘Chanticleer – near’ ( F- F), ‘Corn – morn’ ( g- g),  ‘tower – hour’,  ‘sigh – lie’ ( i – i). 

 Then comes rhythm. From the very beginnings till end, the poet develops a fine structure of movement of speech. Thus with the use of various literary devices, the poet makes the poem rhythmic and here in lies the poet credits. 

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