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   “Meeting at Night” is a romantic love poem written by Robert Browning who was an English poet and playwright from the nineteenth century. Browing’s major works includes “The last Ride Together“, “My Last Duchess“, “Fra Lippo Lippi”.

Meeting at Night Poem

The gray sea and the long black land; 

And the yellow half-moon large and low: 

And the startled little waves that leap 

In fiery ringlets from their sleep, 

As I gain the cove with pushing prow,

And quench its speed i’ the slushy sand. 

Then a mile of warm sea-scented beach; 

Three fields to cross till a farm appears; 

A tap at the pane, the quick sharp scratch 

And blue spurt of a lighted match,

And a voice less loud, through joys and fears, 

Than the two hearts beating each to each!

Meeting at Night Question and Answer

  The famous work of Robert Browning is “The pied piper of Hamelin”  , a children verse. 

  In the poem “Meeting At Night” , the poet describes a journey that ends in a secret meeting between lovers. The poet describes the journey and the meeting in detail. The poem concludes with the delighted meeting of the lovers by a farm near the sea beach. 

  This poem is includes in the syllabus of W.B.C.H.S.E. in class 11. So here in this section we discuss about some broad question and answer from “Meeting at Night”.

Give the substance of “Meeting at Night” written by Robert Browning. 
Or  The summery of the ”Meeting at night”

Ans –  In Meeting at Night” Browning describes a lovers journey at night but in a secret mode. 

   The first stanza captures excitement of the secret journey. The speaker, here makes a journey and the poet creates a wonderful atmosphere. 

   The sea is grey and land is black. The colour of the half moon is yellow, and the yellow moon seems large and low. The waves are full of joy and it seems that they are dancing in merriment and the waves have waken from their sleep and are looking like “fiery ringlets”  . The speaker in this wonderful weather moves ahead with a board and he goes on until his boat hits the “slushy sand “. 

   And the second stanza captures the anticipation and the fulfillment of the meeting. The speaker leaves his boat and walks a mile on the warm sea Centered  beach and he crosses three fields. 

   After that he reaches his destination, a farm. He goes there and taps at the window pane of a room at the house. His lady love responds him by lighting a match with blue spart. The voice of the lady love sound slow through joys and fears. Thus they meet each other with ultimate romance. Summery Of Meeting at Night

Critical appreciation of the poem ” Meeting at Night ” . 
Discuss Robert  Browning ‘s use of imagery in the poem “Meeting at Night ” . 
Give the central idea of the poem “Meeting at Night ” by Robert Browning . 

Ans –   Publish in his collection “Dramatic Romances and Lyrics” in 1845, Robert Browning’s  Meeting at Night is essentially a narrative of a man who text up a long journey through the sea to met beloved Elizabeth Barrett

   A typical victorian poet, shows that a lover meets her in secret at night as the victorian society did not approve of this type of Meeting. 

   The poem explores the journey of the lover. The setting. The setting shifts through out the journey  from the grey sea “mile of sea – centered beach”  , reflecting the terrain, as well as the tones of the poem. 

Meeting at Night Question and Answer

   The theme  of anxiety and tension are enacted using active and energetic verbs and images, such as ‘started‘, ‘leap‘,  ‘spurt‘ . 

   The focus of the poem tightens in its progression starting from the open sea and the long black land to the farm and further more to the tap at the pane. 

  “The gray sea”“The long land”  ,  “The yellow half – moon””Blue’s part of a lighted match”“The two hearts beating each to each” – are the images that enrich the poem on a elevated order and meaning also “The grey sea” and the “Long black land” are the images of gloomy journey of the lover who has got to undertake before he can reunite his behaved. 

   Thus the vivid details same age to have no specific value other the  suggesting the focus of attention on the lovers goal of reaching his beloved.

Robert Browning’s poem “The Meeting at night” as a love poem. 

 Ans – Published in his collection “Dramatic Romances and Lyrics” in 1845, Robert Browning’s “Meeting at night” is essentially a romantic love poem in which he produces the gem of a truely romantic love theme by its poetic art and subtle imagery that is present between the two lovers who after crossing several hurdles and challenging situation, can be United both materialistically and emotionally. 

  All through the journey,   the lover experiences anxiety,  fear of danger and uncertainties. 

Yet the phrases, “Spurt of a lighted match”“Fiery ringlets” and “hearts between each to each”  – suggest that they have no different identity as there two bodies became one soul.   Therefore it is a romantic love poem in an elevated order by all standers.

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