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  “The proposal” is a one act play  written by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov  ( 1860 – 1904 )  who was a famous playwright and short story writer from Russia. He is often considered as a pioneer of modernism in theater.  He was also one of the architects of modern short story. His famous works include “Uncle vanya”“Three sisters”, “The cherry  Orchard”

   The play “The proposal” has been translated from Russian by Julius west. This play highlights the non – romantic nature of marriage. Summary of The Proposal

The setting of the play “The proposal”

     The place where the play takes place was a rural countryside of Russia and also the drawing room of Chubukov’s house. Summary of The Proposal

  • The time was late 19 th century in which the play set . 

The  characters of the play “The Proposal”

  • Stepan Stepanovitch chubukov, who was around 70 years old. He is an elderly and successful landowner. 
  • Natalya Stepanovna who was the daughter of chubukov. She was 26 year old. She is strong, stubborn but love seeking. She has good looks and outgoing personality. 
  • Ivan vassilevitch Lomov who was 35 year old young Man. He is a wealthy neighbour of Chubukov. 

   The play The proposal  deals with  marriage, love, social positioneconomic stability and neighbourly disputes.

Conflict Of The play The Proposal

   Conflict is the soul of the drama.  And the main conflict of the play “The proposal” is between Lomov’s principal and Natalya’s principal. Between Lomov’s family and Natalya’s family. And between social stability and courtship. 

The Theme of the play

  “The proposal” is the satire on the upper middle class marriage and their odd courtship.  Summary of The Proposal

Summary of The Proposal 

   At the beginning of the play  Ivan  Vassilevitch Lomov enters Chubukov’s  country house wearing a dress – jacket and white gloves with a marriage proposal for Chubukov’s    daughter Natalya Stepanovna. Summary of The Proposal

 As Lomov wears a dress – jacket that seems he is going to attend a ball.  Chubukov can learn the truth when after some initial hesitations Lomov declares that he has come to ask for his daughter ‘s hand in marriage. It is an unexpected joyful occasion for Chubukov. He accepts the proposal with great interest.  And then Chubukov goes straight to bring Natalya to his drawing – room where Lomov waiting.   

  Lomov has already reached a critical age. He cannot delay his marriage. He thinks that it will be foolish to wait for ideal or real love. It is crucial for him to marry a lady to maintain his social status. Then he finds Natalya as a ready solution to his problem. Lomov is a hypochondriac. He is too much worried about his illness and insomnia . It seems that he is also a patient of hypertension. 

  When Natalya finds Lomov waiting for her in a dress – jacket or short coat, she becomes astonished. Natalya asked him about stacking of hay and then enquiries about Lomov’s purpose . Before stating his purpose Lomov starts a long introduction about him and in his speech touches a problematic  point about a plot of land called Oxen Meadows. Each of them claims that Oxen Meadows belongs to him or her.

  Then Lomov presents a long history about Oxen Meadows . Lomov tries to establish that it is their property. Natalya strongly denies that and says that Oxen Meadows belonged to them . This argument become more violent later when Natalya says that she will send mowers to Oxen Meadows. 

  When Chubukov also claims that it is undoubtedly their possession. Then lomov starts shouting and his excitement makes him unstable. Chubukov warns lomov for his tone of voice, but lomov raises his voice to accuse him as a landgrabber.  Summary of The Proposal

  Instantly Natalya asked her father to send the mowers out to the Oxen Meadows . Lomov warns him to take the matter of court. Then a scandalous quarrel follows keeping the marriage proposal far away. They throw mud at each other. Lomov staggers out of the house in rage leaving behind the excited father and daughter.

Summary of The Proposal

  When Chubukov criticizes lomov in presence of Natalya for his proposal to marry her, Natalya becomes desperate to bring him back. Natalya it seems has not found her perfect man and is very much anxious to get Lomov.  Summary of The Proposal

  Chubukov is puzzled with the burden of such fickle daughter. He goes out to bring Lomov back. When exhausted Lomov comes back Natalya welcome him with polite behaviour. She request Lomov to talk of ‘something else’ and asks him about going for hunting. Lomov is not ready for shooting as his dog Guess has gone lame. Lomov bought Guess from Mironov 125 roubles while Chubukov bought Squeezer for 85 roubles. 

  Then Natalya tells that Squeezer is a better dog though he is cheaper. Lomov finds it as a ridiculous claim and says that Squeezer is overshot. Natalya says that Guess is like a worn out a cab – horse  . Then Natalya and Lomov become entangled in another furious quarrel over their dogs.

  When Chubukov attends the quarrel , it again becomes scandalous like the former quarrel. They throw abusive words against each other. Lomov cannot stand this excessive excitement and goes temporarily unconscious  . Natalya thinks that Lomov is dead, and she goes into hysterics. Gradually Lomov gets his consciousness back and asks ” Where I am ? ” . Chubukov asks Lomov to hurry up and get married as his daughter willing so . 

  Then Lomov and Natalya kiss and find themselves happy and chubukov feels relieved. Natalya starts her married life with quarrel over the dogs Guess and Squeezer. Chubukov shouts for champagne for this happy occasion of his daughter’s marriage.  Summary of The Proposal

       This is all about the summery of the play “The proposal” . 

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