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The Sick Rose Question and Answer  – The Sick Rose occurs as part of  The songs of Experience written by William Blake who was a noted poet, painter and engraver. He is a famous figure of the English Romantic movement. Blake’s poetry is marked by intense spiritual visions. William Blake‘s famous works are Songs Of InnocenceSongs Of Experience, “Marriage of Heaven and hell“.

The Sick Rose Question and Answer 

  In the poem The sick Rose, the poet mentions through the symbols of the Rose and the worm, how intense experience prays up in unpolluted innocence.

The poem “The sick Rose” is includes  in the syllabus of  W.B.C.H.S.E. in the class 11, so here We discuss about some important broad questions from this poem.

The Sick Rose Question and Answer | English Note Book

“Has found thy bed / of crimson joy : –  who is the speaker? Whom does the word ‘thy’ refer to?  Narrate the context to which the speaker said so. 

Ans –   The poem “The sick Rose” taken  fromThe song’s of Experience by the poet prophet William Blake, the poet himself is the speaker. 

Here the word “Thy” refers to the women or the girl who got swept over by the man who entered the bed of the girl Stealthily and secretly, destroying her physically and mentally. 

         The poem “The sick Rose” tells the story of a beautiful maiden who got thrashed physically and mentally by a worm- like invisible man. With her union the man destined to hugely rob her of her conviction about her love which was sweet and pure from her part. This is in the context that the speaker made the above remark.

What is the significance of the expression   “Crimson joy ” in ” The sick Rose ” . 

Ans – The expression “Crimson joy” in Blake ‘s The Sick Rose is much symbolic . Here the ‘joy’ implies that which is derived from the biological union and intersection. And in depth study reveals the fact that the girl had an intersection with the man physically though betrayed her and the intersection he had had with the girl, exploited her completely. So according to the poet here the ‘joy’ real sense is a kind of crude not real one born out of a relationship based on innocence and integrity. The mode of Prevaling system of the cat – house in the then – London stands as a sharp contradiction to the theme of love and marriage and that is exactly what is being obliquely implied here. 

Discuss William Blake ‘s use of imagery in the poem “The sick Rose” . 

Ans –  Like P. B. Shelley Blake also had a supreme command over the language. In The sick Rose Blake used the image of  “An invisible worm” – which caused the images of desolation and despair, pessimism and void. The images of  “Howling storm” and “dark, secret love” make the poem a beat – heavy, loaded with deep meaning. The expression “Howling Strom” evokes to us the sense of in security through which the beautiful maiden passes out. The  “Dark, secret love”  Obliquely refers to the mode of “Prostitution” , as opposed to the sweet, sacred music of love. 

“That fly is in the night / In the howling strom” –  From where are rge lines taken? Who is the speaker. In what context did the speaker say so? 

–  These above quoted line is taken from the poem “The sick Rose” .        

Here the poet is the speaker. 

William Blake’ s poem “The sick Rose” is about a beautiful girl who was fallen sick because of the creeping of an “invisible worm” i.e. a man without the sense of culture and morality into the bed in a secret and hideous manners as the storm comes and uproots the houses, trees and other thing so also the man does the same and cheats the girl. It is in this context that the speaker delivered his remark. 

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